The first Turkish summit in Iraq since 2019

Lokma is one of the most famous agencies of The Rawnaq Al-Dur, as the word "summit" is a common word in Turkish society. It is a dessert that combines Turkish and Arabic cuisine. Arabs call them a variety of names, such as the summit of the judge or the float. Because of its widespread and deliciousness, it is not limited to a certain geographical area, but has found its way to all parts of the world those fragile golden balls that melt in the mouth, stuffed and dipped with Belgian chocolate and served with all kinds of nuts and hot and cold drinks. And the love of all the family.

It contains more than 51 items.

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Outlook for the future

In the agency of The Summit, we aim to develop excellence in terms of quality and number of branches in Iraq, the company has set its goals to open 5 branches annually.


It’s the best solution to add a touch of taste beauty to your day

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