Ice Pack


Ice Pack is a global agency specializing in the production of ice cream, because of its distinctive taste expanded and spread in some countries. The first branch of the Agency of Ice Pack in Iraq was opened in 2008 in the capital Baghdad specifically in the Karrada- dakhel area, opening different branches throughout our beloved Iraq.

Icepack also features more than 60 types of ice cream, which contain fruit slices and nuts.


Future outlook

In Ice Pack we seek branding development when it comes to quality and brand expansion. We aim to open new branches yearly in different governorates of Iraq.

More than 3,000,000 costumer per year.

More than 450,000 followers on social media.

Ice Pack is the number one ice cream in Iraq, we managed to open many branches in Iraq within 12 years of continuous work on developing Ice Pack franchise.

More than 60 types of ice cream.

More than 10,000 costumer per day.

30 Branches in Iraq.

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