Rawnaq al-Dur announces the availability of an opportunity to work as an accountant who is responsible for:


● Is responsible for recording and tabulating the inputs and financial processes that occur in the organization according to a specific system.

● The application of the accounting system established for the institution, whether it is issued by the employer or the accountant himself, must be applied in a precise manner and to ensure the accuracy and validity of the course of financial documents.

● Maintains accounting controls by recommending policies and procedures.

● Developing, implementing, modifying and documenting record-keeping and accounting systems

● Advice to management on financial issues.

● To ensure that the funds allocated for certain purposes are not used except in the designated location.

● The payment of salaries and wages of the employees of the company and all compensations and rewards issued by fundamental decisions.

● Granting advances in accordance with due process and working to recover as soon as the reason for which it was granted is gone.

● Collection of debt and payment of obligations within the specified period.

● Contributing with other departments and entities to manage the company's finances economically in order to achieve a reduction of burdens and increase resources in accordance with the objectives set for it.

● Maintaining the restrictions of cash movement for exchange and arrest, whether made through expenses or the company's fund, and making all necessary restrictions.


Follow-up the application of the company's materials and warehouse systems




● Previous experience of at least 20 years as an accountant.

● Bachelor of Accounting degree.

● The ability to work on advanced accounting programmes.


Please send your CV as a pdf file on email [email protected]

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